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I will have to read a lot of Nabokov to make up for this.

So, in theory, the act of sharing those memories is an act of forgetting them.

Fact. Sometimes I will meet a deer in my dreams and he will invite me into his vagina.

It was here, in a single moment of transmission from chimp to human, that a strain of virus called HIV-1 group M first appeared.

Fuck that.

quotes out of context

In fact, in all of life, nothing is as it appears but this is never more true than a “reality” TV show.

It seems to me that Messi’s reluctance to dive is not some lofty character trait of his; it’s one of the things that makes him such a great player: he never gives up the advantage when he has it.

When he stepped away from his scanners and data and the hustle of the lab and thought — deeply — about what it was like to be conscious, he realized something: Each split second of awareness is a unified, holistic experience, completely different from any experience before or after it.

First I began to get email messages and texts from people in other states, but when I saw tweets in the cyrillic alphabet, I knew I might have set the woods on fire.

Things can be better, so there is work to do. The world is not yet done.

The Provisional Atlas of the UK’s Larger Moths

The Provisional Atlas of the UK’s Larger Moths, published in December, is based on the first 11 million moth records collated by the National Moth Recording Scheme and represents a landmark in moth recording.

I posted this mainly because I love the title of the book, I love the idea of 11 million moth records, and I love the notion of a National Moth Recording Scheme. Also, what’s not to like about a landmark in moth recording?

quotes out of context

He hadn’t talked much about personal matters, Nash reports, beyond mentioning that he had painted sparrows yellow and sold them as canaries.

They instead start from the premise that the key question is what kind of person do I want to be, and then the method asks the students to conform to that vision.

A floating city, operating outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard and American port or immigration authorities — and offering daily ferry boat or helicopter runs into Silicon Valley — could be the answer.

This debate isn’t going to be won by rational argument.


His remains are interred inside a friendly robotic dinosaur that roams the post-apocalypse American wastes handing out gum and religious pamphlets.

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Neuroscientists — well intentioned as they are — are gathering soil samples from the foot of a mountain that magicians have mapped and mined for centuries.

“So this is the plan,” he said. “Build unifying models.”

The tayle of a Foxe is called his Bush, or (as some vse to say) his hollywater sprinkle.

For women in design, psychic splitting isn’t a sign of mental illness, it’s a career move.

“I’d prefer not to comment, if that’s OK,” he said.

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The Euthanasia Coaster is designed to thrill the hell out of its passengers just before it kills them.

Maybe she’s from Peru. I don’t care.

The art of the leak requires information to be packaged just right, she notes.

“We are told it is very quick to learn and once the user is adept at navigation, it becomes second nature and almost indistinguishable to outside users.”


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“Feeling helpless,” she added. “As well as cold! Will keep trying to get out the information.”

“All the weight is in the claws,” Jones said. “It would break your arm.”

A review of the published literature on the safety of kombucha suggests no specific oral toxicity in rats.

It’s not called the greatest novel ever written for nothing.


So in reality, one finds both large and small penises in Greek antiquity.

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In 2001, historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech published a seminal paper, drawn from 16 years of research, revealing a wealth of historical evidence that humans used to sleep in two distinct chunks.

One move open to social conservatives is to simply take the Stevenson/Wolfers result at face value and argue that women across the western world are suffering from a massive bout of false consciousness and would actually be better off if their social and economic opportunities were re-curtailed, but I’m going to vote “no” on that one and just stick with the observation that men on the whole don’t say they’re sadder than they used to be.

Contemporary action films are so ridiculously enthralled with this downright stupid conceit of supermodel-like actresses kicking the shit out of huge tough guys — I mean, can Angelie Jolie or Kate Beckinsale really beat up anybody? — that it’s startling and revelatory to see a woman who can actually do those things for real.

That question is: Why wasn’t I consulted?

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Recent experimental evidence suggests that some people dislike telling lies, and tell the truth even at a cost.


“The high temperatures and high pressures would form exotic materials like ‘hot ice’ or ‘superfluid water’, substances that are completely alien to our everyday experience,” Berta explained.

“If I could use sun spots or shoe size or the size of the wristband on their wrist, I would,” Berk said. “If I give the algorithm enough predictors to get it started, it finds things that you wouldn’t anticipate.”

We once did a show in the middle of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia as part of a fashion show on a hot July night while all around our stage, a race-riot was fully underway.

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John Cage doesn’t work more hours than you. Neither does Carole Greider.

And the former Pennsylvania senator doubled down Monday, declaring that, “Unlike the Earth, we’re intelligent, and we can actually manage things.”

“Your first discovery when you travel,” wrote Elizabeth Hardwick, “is that you do not exist.”

What do you think?

The work you’re making will be as good as your ambitions.

dueling banjos

quotes out of context

Also, it’s spelled ‘voluntary’.

Why the man ended up under the snow in the forest remains unknown, police said.

He later studied literature and philosophy at a university in Buenos Aires and at 20, despondent over a failed love affair, resolved to kill himself by letting a jaguar attack him.

At some point between 1968 and 2012, the Bible began to say something different. That’s interesting.

Liberated from the need to find a sugar daddy, they could behave in a safer way.

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A rush of wind came from each one, producing a symphony of flatulence. It took an hour for all the gas to exit.

It’s Phil Schiller, spending an entire week on the East Coast, repeating this presentation over and over to a series of audiences of one.

One might hope that even the benign act of giving women “more information” not be allowed to happen by forcing it between her legs. Or is that what we call it these days?

A note, like a photo, can be a container for all kinds of things. It is the perfect social object.

Target, for example, has figured out how to data-mine its way into your womb, to figure out whether you have a baby on the way long before you need to start buying diapers.

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Sheila Ryan:

I think the LA Reader is where, years ago, I first saw ads for “vaginal rejuvenation.” I said to my friend Allen, “Wow, I don’t think we have that in the Midwest yet.” “They probably wear out faster here,” he replied.

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Just because there wasn’t a word, obviously, doesn’t mean the concept didn’t exist. And yet, Ms. Blank points out, for much of history it never really needed a definition.

There’s nothing I’d rather see than a joke in that little 140-character box.

I think the overall pattern is best described as a coincidence and not a pattern of large-scale hypocrisy but there are two important points to make about it.

With just five words, “Design is how it works” expresses succinctly and accurately that engineering should and can be part of the art of design.

Battle-hardened U.S. soldiers have shed tears over wrecked robots and risked their lives to rescue malfunctioning machine companions.

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Aaron Winslow:

I’m the horse. Everything else is everything else.

Beans and Cornbread

Seeing as how we were talking about cornbread . . .

and we’ve been talking about cornbread for over a year now . . .

Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five serve you up some “Beans and Cornbread.”

It makes no difference
What you think about me
But it makes a whole lotta difference
What I think about you

All the Different Doughnuts

At Serious Eats, we care about the big questions. “What’s the difference between Sicilian-style pizza and grandma pizza?” “What’s the difference between a slider and a mini-hamburger?” And, more recently, “What are all the different styles of doughnut?”

Because there are cake and yeasted and crullers and fritters, cider and potato and sour cream, malasadas and beignets and churros—wait, do we count churros? We’ll get to that later.

Come meet all the different doughnuts in this great land.

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At the Shmoocon security conference Friday in Washington D.C., O’Connor plans to present the F-BOMB, or Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors.

The night was cool and the tree frogs chirped. Rosy cheeked children the world over dreamed of birthday cake and going to the pool. Angora bunnies piled on top of each other and were the coziest things ever. A man with a hat sat in his window somewhere and played a tune on his saxophone, and I, snug in my pajamas, quietly poured over book after book looking for the word “nipple”.

“Whatever you say about the euro, it’s a great insulator.”

When it becomes feasible for a consumer to print a complex structure like a grandfather clock or an iPhone, the stakes of preventing the dissemination of ideas are raised considerably.

dueling banjos

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Whenever folks who have lived or traveled in Germany gather for a beer, sooner or later one subject is sure to rear its ugly head: what is the deal with those toilets?

People who resemble each other in some physical way tend to be connected as well; for Hadza people, similarity in age, body fat, and handgrip strength increases the likelihood of friendship.

The basic philosophical question, going back to Plato, is “What is x?” What is virtue? What is justice? What is matter? What is time? You can ask that about dark energy — what is it? And it’s a perfectly good question.

These types of distributions, unlike the bell curves we are used to for such quantities as human height, have values that reach far out into the upper reaches of the scale, allowing for both exceedingly common words such as “the” as well as much rarer words like “flother.”

The technique is painless, all indications at the moment are that it is safe, and the effects can last over the long term.

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There is determinism, at differing levels, ranging from “it’s tough to come from a broken home” to “lead poisoning is bad for you” to “what if the universe is a frozen four-dimensional Einsteinian/Parmenidean block of space-time?”

When someone conjures up the image of self-important art house films, this must be exactly what comes to mind.

Tough Guy promotes itself as “the safest most dangerous event in the world!”

The chest bandages had to go on every day, which made it hard for her to take deep breaths, and the sailors began to notice that “Jean” never relieved himself with the rest of the crew, always carried a loaded pistol, and never, ever undressed with the others.

Monogamous marriage reduces the competition, making communities more stable and — in terms of cultural evolution — better able to compete against unstable, non-monogamous communities.


Demetri Martin once joked that life vests protect you from drowning, bulletproof vests protect you from gunfire — and sweater vests protect you from pretty girls.

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Some of the overcompensated Rs stuck in the dialect; others didn’t.

I am a living male turtleneck. You are an art teacher in winter. You put your whole head through me

The invention of Vulcanite hard rubber changed everything.

Dreams of vintage Lee’s return go sadly unfulfilled, however, as the film is a long-winded, rambling mess.

Herewith, please find proof that my aesthetic intuitions are superior to yours.

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For instance, Iron Lady becomes Total Bitch, Tree of Life becomes Wuh?, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo becomes All the Rape, No Subtitles.

Africa was my second home. I had never been there, though.

The idea of the unified self has had a rough few centuries however.

I know I’m making it sound unhealthy, like the TV is suffocating me but just think of it like I do, as electronic swaddling. That hum is a seductive sotto voce murmur.

As Darwin said: “False views, if supported by some evidence, do little harm, for everyone takes a salutary pleasure in proving their falseness; and when this is done, one path towards error is closed and the road to truth is often at the same time opened”.

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Why is metaphysics so uniformly crazy?

Huh. So the more symmetrical a guy is, the more straight he seems.

The larger point is that mere imagination is not enough, for even those with prodigious gifts must still be able to sort their best from their worst, sifting through the clutter to find what’s actually worthwhile.

If you are offended, maybe you’re taking things a little too personally. But I’m sure there are some people who think, ‘Wow, that girl is an asshole.’

We think of ourselves as citizens when it comes to our rights and privileges, but not our responsibilities. We abdicate our civic responsibilities to the government and expect the government, in effect, to legislate morality.

In one experiment, each participant was seated either inside or outside of a five-by-five-foot cardboard box.

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