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Regarding artistic farting.

Well, he lent the key out to us . . .

Joel hipped us to Jeff and Casey Time a while back. I’m here to tell you that Book 2 (The Mayonnaise Crisis), Chapter 2 is pretty funny.

“Everybody’s losing their shit, right? They’re like, Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, there’s a scorpion on the nun, there’s a scorpion on the nun!”

12 Indicted On Hate Crimes Charges For Hair Cutting Assaults Led By Break-Off Amish Group

I think this is my favorite story of 2011.

Have you seen this?

Wait until about the 4:45 mark…

image out of context

Texts from Bennet

The tumblr claims it’s real. I don’t believe it, but that doesn’t matter.

quote out of context

I suppose you’re right, but from my experience, writing a novel is like having sex with a gorilla. You ain’t done till the gorilla’s done. You might think, Well, when I’m done, I’ll be done. But you’re not done.The gorilla’s still going.

Astronauts Falling Down

For some reason, after watching this, I spent another twenty minutes watching moon-landing conspiracy videos. Try to avoid that if possible.

The Wet Spots

I’ve recently rediscovered The Wet Spots. They make sex-positive musical comedy. I’ll leave the being funny to them.

“Where’s my rubber chicken?’

A rubber chicken is a replica of a completely plucked but otherwise complete barnyard fowl made from a latex injection mold. A popular sight gag and slapstick comedy prop, rubber chickens are sometimes used by comics as a mock weapon. They are also sometimes used by jugglers in place of clubs. The origin of the rubber chicken is obscure, but is likely a natural change of the use of pig bladders. In the days before the development of plastic and latex, bladders were inflated and attached to a stick. They were used as props by jesters and minstrels for the same comic effects as the modern rubber chicken.

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