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Happy Easter, happy spring, everyone!

From One Life to Another


I started prepping the Iowan early. “We’ll hug him, then walk away.”

Mr. Boudreaux’s dad had cried at the end of his high school graduation, I mean really cried. This was after the Iowan spent parts of the evening trying to get me to leave early. “You can’t be interested in hearing all of this,” he said.

Then, the 90 seniors climbed the stage steps for last pictures. Our only child Mr. B. was bunched in back with his boy pack, arms thrown over shoulders. It was beautiful and wrenching. While taking photos, I noticed his dad’s tears. “This is the very last time they will ever do this. It just hit me.”

The Iowan was losing it. He is tall and hard to miss. Internal mother alarms shrieked: Warning, teenager humiliation. I took the Iowan’s hand and joined the slow line to the exit. For the last time, we read Mr. B.’s senior quote, painted on the wall just outside the gym. “When things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man.” Jimi Hendrix.

Then, too fast, it was college move-in day. We got up at O-dark-30 and headed south. Several hours later, we were moving Mr. B. into the dorm. The roommates put clothes away while parents sweated and wrestled gear. The helpful RA from North Carolina kept referring to me as “Miss Alabama.” A graduate student dropped by to check laptop connections. He told us the weather was terrible during his first move-in day and his parents got into a huge fight so he couldn’t wait for them to leave.

When we couldn’t think of anything else to do, we took the boys to dinner. Then we dropped them off, back at the dorm.

It was time. I hugged Mr. B. tight and whispered, “Fly high, free bird,” my version of a goodbye joke. Dad and son hugged, shook hands and exchanged I love you’s. The Iowan and I turned and retreated, crisply. We were holding it together. All business.

A few heartbeats later, I looked back. Mr. B. had turned around and was watching us walk away, a little smile on his face. His eyes were shiny with tears.

I’m Back

MGS reached out like a mensch and asked me back. I’m not sure my own flesh & blood would’ve invited me back after two years of silence, but that’s what always made Clusterflock special, wasn’t it?

Here’s to you survivors, who wouldn’t give up on this beautiful experiment. Cheers!

Omega Institute In Your Pants, 2013 edition

It’s that magical time, folks! Once again, as in 2010, my woodland friend Susan has forwarded the In Your Pants edition of the Rhinebeck, NY, Omega Center’s course catalog.

Sign up early, if you want a spot; these pants fill up fast!

The Wayfinder Experience in Your Pants
Unlocking the Life Force in Your Pants
The Marks of Our Existence in Your Pants
Say “No” to Stress in Your Pants
Storming Heaven in Your Pants
Compose Yourself in Your Pants
Trees & Ecosystems in Your Pants
Frequencies of Healing in Your Pants
Enter Through the Image in Your Pants
Dreamgates in Your Pants
Leap of Perception in Your Pants
Timeless Loving in Your Pants

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Beach House in the desert

Sheila and I have a great love of the desert, so I thought I would post this short film of one of my favorite bands, Beach House, playing a set on location in El Paso, Texas. I’m snowed in today, but I’m imagining it’s 80+ degrees outside instead.

Article in Need of an Illustration

Can someone please draw me a picture of a social or colonial spider?

Make Something Cool Every Day

Make Something Cool Every Day 2009, by Minneapolis artist Brock Davis.

One piece of creative work made every day for 365 consecutive days.  January 1st – December 31st.



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Leonard Smith


My grandfather, who passed away before I was born in the late Fifties, is the subject of these passages from my father’s recollection of our family history:

I’m sure you already know that Grandpa Smith traveled the RKO Keith vaudeville circuit during the 1920’s as part of a Hawaiian music troupe featuring his then wife Princess and her supposed brother, Willie. Dad was a sideman, providing ukulele rhythm accompaniment for the act.  Back in the day, he was a petty decent uke player. He developed a stroke that was unique in that it infallibly controlled the tempo during a song. He helped cement the musical sound of the entire group. The several times I heard him play were long after he’d lost most of his chops. It was obvious, however, that at one time he was certainly quite good. Read more

Ben Gibbard and Aimee Mann

The Colbert Report, 1/10/13: Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) and Aimee Mann perform “Bigger Than Love” off Gibbard’s solo album, “Former Lives.”

How do I feel about this car?


Mr. Allen Swift died in 2005 at the impressive age of 102, but his automotive story is even more remarkable. Not only is the gentleman credited with owning a Rolls-Royce automobile longer than anyone else in the world, but he had the forethought and funds to ensure its future preservation after his death.

In 1928, while living in Springfield, Massachusetts, Swift’s father gave him a 1928 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly P1 Roadster as a graduation present (Springfield and Rolls-Royce have a history – from 1920 to 1931, the British automaker built 2,944 vehicles in the city as part of its attempt to establish a US plant).

(AutoBlog article here.)

I owned a 2002 Mazda Protege for nearly ten years. It was a very nice car indeed.

From the Application Pool

Key Accomplishments:… Oversee and development of ground breaking enterprise solutions

Hopefully these solutions were also “intuitive”.

From the Application Pool

Whether troubleshooting a network issue, streamlining a business process, documenting procedures, or receiving accolades for a problem solved or a job well done, I approach each challenge with the same “get it done” attitude.

Me too. Especially when receiving accolades for a problem solved or job well done, I’m all “just get it over with, will you?”

I’m hiring, by the way, if anyone wants to do some .NET or BI work for an association.


hello I’m CWSektor Close the gap on your site

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Eid Ma Clack Shaw

Meet the Elongate Heart Urchin

Met these strange creatures on a beach in southern Tanzania.

I also recently revisited Ethiopia, Lalibela in particular.


testes. one. two. Is this thing on?

Hackers got us again.

They got the site again. I think I’ve locked everything down this time, but I am no security expert.

What a waste of a Friday evening.


Carly Rae VS Skrillex

Slovenly Elephants & Crystalline Waters

«Is ganesh a word, asked the commanding officer, Yes, a word, which, like all the others, can only be explained by more words, but since the words we use to explain things, successfully or not, will, in turn, have to be explained, our conversation will lead nowhere, the mistaken and the true will alternate, like some kind of curse, and we’ll never know what’s right and what’s wrong.»—José Saramago

More from a Balkan State of Mind I.

File under: Legendary Rowers

Meet my friend Pat Quesnel, the first person to row solo across the Pacific . . .

I was looking around for photos for a project using these terms: man and boat, man and row boat, small boat and man, arctic row boat, Faroes row boat, falling row boat, row boat tiny, row boat at sea, row boat ocean, rowing archive, rowing museum, Faroes metal boats tiny Ocean, skiff, skiff and man, high-walled skiff, and Faroes skiff. This photo turned up on ebay and I thought “Well, maybe. It’s a newspaper photo, rights should be reasonable,” and so I saved a copy in my project folder. I rejected the photo for the job but bothered to read the caption before I tossed it and, fuck a Roosevelt Elk, it’s my old friend Pat Quesnel from Kodiak, the first person to row solo across the Pacific. I have not contacted him in years but I still miss his company.
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Last Night I Dreamed

I was in a company of players. Or dancers. Amateur dancers. We were given an new piece to dance, I don’t recall the music. It was 17 minutes long. We gave it a read. A run through. After, it was decided the piece would be a solo piece. I was asked to dance it. After many rehearsals the night of the performance came. I was dressed in a nude leotard. I didn’t feel as pudgy as I usually do. There was about a half-full house. I danced. I don’t recall many of the moves, but near the end, there were several gently rolling, but intensely felt back somersaults, then I stretched out on my side three-quarter-facing the audience. My legs were extended, toes pointed and lifted off the floor. I was not holding them up. It was like they were floating. Levitating. Then slowly, as the music faded, they lowered to the floor. I closed my eyes as my hand slipped off my shoulder and relaxed to the floor. The lights faded. The music stopped.

There was a smattering of applause as the lights came up. About seven of my relatives were still there. The rest of the house was empty. A couple of them were clapping politely, the rest were shuffling their programs looking embarrassed. I took my bows.

Ark Codex ±0 video

Video object for the Ark Codex ±0 book object which is forthcoming from Calamari Press.

on reading The Atrocity Exhibition in Brighton

«There are one or two other bits and pieces, but together the inventory is an adequate picture of a woman, who could easily be reconstituted from it. In fact, such a list may well be more stimulating than the real thingNow that sex is becoming more and more a conceptual act, an intellectualization divorced from affect and physiology alike, one has to bear in mind the positive merits of the sexual perversions.»—JG Ballard

More musings on Brighton, Ballard, Quadrophenia, Joy Division, presidential pubic hair, Beachy Head, mods, rockers, cars, crashes, 911, partying, sex & suicide.

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