Dear Esther

The illustration in Dear Esther, a remake of a Half Life 2 mod, is incredible.

I’ll definitely be purchasing the game, if only to gawp.


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Amish mullets are all ordnung in the front, rumspringa in the back.

headline of the day, II

Toilet gaming technology targets urinal boredom

tweet of the day

Skyrim comes out tomorrow

So if you are wondering why the radio silence for the next few days, this is it.

Kreayshawn: the Game

Left and right arrow keys to move
Z to jump
X to shoot

E to exit to world map
R to reset the level

Made by Beth Maher

To the Moon

This is a game in development worth paying attention to.

I think he nailed it

the art of bullshitting

A great story about thinking on your feet:

Twisted Pixel chief creative officer Josh Bear had responded with abounding confidence, if only to mask the truth. Because the fact of the matter, the fact that he and CEO Mike Wilford were all too aware of, as they sat in Redmond, WA Tex-Mex restaurant The Matador, was this: The idea wasn’t “awesome.” It was nonexistent.

The developer had scored a major meeting with Microsoft to pitch a new game developed exclusively with Kinect (then “Project Natal”) in mind. It needed to be big, it needed to be smart and — most pressingly to Wilford and Bear at that exact moment — it needed to exist.

It wasn’t that Wilford and Bear weren’t prepared. It’s just that the original idea they wanted to pitch (one that was actually first conceived for the Wii) wasn’t a good fit for the device, which they only became aware of once they saw it for themselves.

“It was really cool, but it didn’t have the fidelity to do what we wanted, it couldn’t really track finger movements,” Bear said. “I was like ‘Oh shit, we’re going to pitch this whole thing and they’re gonna know that it’s not possible with the hardware.'”

(thanks, Rich)


Après lunch at the sub-urban lesbian bar. My dear friend Miss Mindy struts her stuff.

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