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You’re hurting my eyes

and you’re hurting my mind and I wish the hell you would stop. And not just for my sake.

Please take a breath and reconsider posting that captioned image du jour. Do you know the one I mean? Its import is by and large political; oftimes it will feature a stock photo of a politician (or two) emblazoned with a snappy quip, ill-positioned and rendered in an ugly font. You must know what I have in mind.

I see such images mainly on Facebook, where they’re hard to avoid without hiding all of your posts.

And I wonder: What is the point?

These clumsy graphics you share and re-share are not great nor even good political art. They are not effective pieces of propaganda. They simply confirm sentiments held by the bulk of your contacts.

And they look like they been slapped together by somebody whomping an ugly stick.

So: For my sake and for your sake and for the sake of all that is true and beautiful, will you please pause and consider whether you really want to share that lame-ass piece of dreck?

from the comments

Sarah Pavis:

Bauer’s Family Tree of Printing Types

A font genealogy produced in 1937 by the Bauer Type Foundry, courtesy of Stan Carey (Sentence First and other endeavors).

Print magazine’s Stephen Heller offers additional detail.

tweet of the day

U.S. Routes as a Subway Map

Graphic designer Cameron Booth re-imagined the U.S. Highway system as a subway map:

At long last, I present the latest in my series of transit map-styled designs. This time, we have the U.S. Highway system (that’s U.S. Routes, not to be confused with the newer Interstate Highway system – which as most of you well know, I have already mapped).


Patrick Feaster studies the culture of early phonography (the recording and reproduction of sound) and blogs at Phonozoic, where I’ve been hanging out for the past hour or so. At the 2011 conference of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, Feaster shared “Phonogram Images on Paper: 1250-1950.” You can listen to his presentation and download slides here. Just scroll down a little ways and you’ll find the links.

(via Excavated Shellac)

The Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names

From Pop Chart Lab: A celebration of 382 noms de guerre from the world of professional wrestling.

Wanted: Globe

Posted to Dubuque Freecycle list:

Just a plain old globe. Condition doesn’t really matter.

from the comments

Sheila Ryan:

Have I mentioned a man I knew who, years ago, worked in what was then styled the multimedia division of a university and who, before that, had studied at the Institute of Design . . . who, instead of counting sheep at bedtime, imagined a grid and methodically filled it in?

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