Mclusky: “She Will Only Bring You Happiness”

So I contacted the hacker…

So I contacted CWSektor, the fellow who has been hacking the site and asked him why he was doing it and would he please stop. His response, roughly translated from Turkish by my friends in Istanbul:

Because you asked nicely I am discontinuing attacks on your system but you have to not say insulting words against me or I will continue. Only because you emailed me like a decent guy I am making this offer: if you write my name on your site I will close the gap in your site.

The general back and forth, despite the language barrier, was actually quite genial. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take him at his word.

Food Quirks

Foods I classed as acceptable when I was a kid:

Spaghetti without sauce, raw hamburger, cookie dough, cake batter, peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly), red Jell-o (no whipped cream topping), chocolate milk made with Quik, Boston-style brown bread, Boston baked beans, and Boston cream pie. Pineapple juice.

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smoke signals

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Wanted tea pots of any kind

Posted to the Dubuque Freecycle list:

Wanted tea pots of any kind the odder they are the better I live in Maq. but am willing to drive to Dub but not on bad weather days thanks in advance.

Go Bury Money, Like Now

I’m sharing a New Year’s tradition aimed at drawing wealth to you. I have no idea about its origins.

Take a bill or some coins and put the money in a plastic bag. The amount does not matter. Bury it outside your front door while saying, “I am burying my poverty.” Mark it with a stone or something you can find the next day. Seriously, people have not been able to find their buried money the next day. Do this on New Year’s Eve, before midnight. Then, on January 1, dig up the money while saying, “I am uncovering my wealth.” Do this anytime during the 24-hour period on New Year’s Day.

If you don’t have ground outside your door, not to worry, take a pot and bury your money there and place it outside your door or on the balcony. If that doesn’t work, take a bowl and cover the money with a wash cloth and put it beside the door. This is about symbolism and intent. Do not spend the money, ever. Put it away. Some say that if you spend the buried money, you’ll lose money.

If you follow these instructions, unexpected money will show up for you in the next year. Maybe because I believe, this always happens for me. Always. At least in the years the Iowan has not found, and spent, my buried money. I have heard about people who eventually have taken stacks of buried money and donated it to a good cause. For instance, they have donated it to a church or favorite charity and report all is well.

Or you could leave it tucked away in its individual sandwich bags in a hope chest or drawer. And laugh to think about what your heirs will think to find it.

12 Indicted On Hate Crimes Charges For Hair Cutting Assaults Led By Break-Off Amish Group

I think this is my favorite story of 2011.

Best Talk Show Ever?

I don’t really know where to begin with this.

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