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In 2001, historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech published a seminal paper, drawn from 16 years of research, revealing a wealth of historical evidence that humans used to sleep in two distinct chunks.

One move open to social conservatives is to simply take the Stevenson/Wolfers result at face value and argue that women across the western world are suffering from a massive bout of false consciousness and would actually be better off if their social and economic opportunities were re-curtailed, but I’m going to vote “no” on that one and just stick with the observation that men on the whole don’t say they’re sadder than they used to be.

Contemporary action films are so ridiculously enthralled with this downright stupid conceit of supermodel-like actresses kicking the shit out of huge tough guys — I mean, can Angelie Jolie or Kate Beckinsale really beat up anybody? — that it’s startling and revelatory to see a woman who can actually do those things for real.

That question is: Why wasn’t I consulted?

quotes out of context

Recent experimental evidence suggests that some people dislike telling lies, and tell the truth even at a cost.


“The high temperatures and high pressures would form exotic materials like ‘hot ice’ or ‘superfluid water’, substances that are completely alien to our everyday experience,” Berta explained.

“If I could use sun spots or shoe size or the size of the wristband on their wrist, I would,” Berk said. “If I give the algorithm enough predictors to get it started, it finds things that you wouldn’t anticipate.”

We once did a show in the middle of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia as part of a fashion show on a hot July night while all around our stage, a race-riot was fully underway.

quotes out of context

John Cage doesn’t work more hours than you. Neither does Carole Greider.

And the former Pennsylvania senator doubled down Monday, declaring that, “Unlike the Earth, we’re intelligent, and we can actually manage things.”

“Your first discovery when you travel,” wrote Elizabeth Hardwick, “is that you do not exist.”

What do you think?

The work you’re making will be as good as your ambitions.

dueling banjos

quotes out of context

Also, it’s spelled ‘voluntary’.

Why the man ended up under the snow in the forest remains unknown, police said.

He later studied literature and philosophy at a university in Buenos Aires and at 20, despondent over a failed love affair, resolved to kill himself by letting a jaguar attack him.

At some point between 1968 and 2012, the Bible began to say something different. That’s interesting.

Liberated from the need to find a sugar daddy, they could behave in a safer way.

quotes out of context

A rush of wind came from each one, producing a symphony of flatulence. It took an hour for all the gas to exit.

It’s Phil Schiller, spending an entire week on the East Coast, repeating this presentation over and over to a series of audiences of one.

One might hope that even the benign act of giving women “more information” not be allowed to happen by forcing it between her legs. Or is that what we call it these days?

A note, like a photo, can be a container for all kinds of things. It is the perfect social object.

Target, for example, has figured out how to data-mine its way into your womb, to figure out whether you have a baby on the way long before you need to start buying diapers.

quotes out of context

Just because there wasn’t a word, obviously, doesn’t mean the concept didn’t exist. And yet, Ms. Blank points out, for much of history it never really needed a definition.

There’s nothing I’d rather see than a joke in that little 140-character box.

I think the overall pattern is best described as a coincidence and not a pattern of large-scale hypocrisy but there are two important points to make about it.

With just five words, “Design is how it works” expresses succinctly and accurately that engineering should and can be part of the art of design.

Battle-hardened U.S. soldiers have shed tears over wrecked robots and risked their lives to rescue malfunctioning machine companions.


She thought about it for a minute and then told me a remarkable story about her relationship with technology during the last 40 years living up the mountain a bit east of where we stood. She did not exactly answer my question, but made a point nonetheless.

“I pretty much stayed on the mountain. There are no phone lines. There is no electricity,” she said. “I have my iPhone and I can get 3G and I can get what I want and I have a little solar panel and propane and candles. I’ve been off the grid forever. Now, I have the small solar panel and I can turn on the light and charge my cell phone. I’m not used to it. My daughter tells me, ‘You can plug things in!’ And I say, ‘I don’t have anything to plug in.’ Blow out the lights, not turn out the lights, is my thing.”

Her boss, the chef Michael Jones, filled in the rest of Liz’s story on his blog (punctuation all his). “Liz lives in a trailer on the mountain with no power and no water…two horses, a goat and two dogs. Cats don’t count. She carries water in plastic buckets to the critters….and to her own self,” he wrote. “She pays child support to a scumbag in Missouri or one of those other M states or square states…..Her daughter that I know is an honor student at Davis…….Because she has no power or water, Liz hangs with us after working her 10 hr shift at The Store. We are her TV.”

I’ve ridden my bike out past Cachagua Road and I can attest to the beauty and isolation of the area. It was very near Jamesburg that, climbing a long hill, I passed a man in a cowboy hat and boots, his back to me, urinating. The two cyclists coming down the hill had a much better view and the man made no attempt to stand behind cover.

This particular excerpt reminds me of the photos I’ve seen and the stories I’ve heard about my mother-in-law’s family when they lived in the mountains above Big Sur – a kind of lifestyle that seems almost extinct.


About a year ago this post went up without much explanation:

Joel and Deron* have put on something over their jockstraps.

*The one he wears like a mask*.

*To block the image of Michael nesting in Troy Polamalu’s hair*.

*A frequent dream of Deron’s that leaves him feeling oddly aroused.

Originally created by Michael on September 9, 2010 and scheduled to publish the morning following the Super Bowl the post looked like this:

The NFL season has ended

And was changed by Deron on September 12:

I have the strength to say it. Deron, you are the handsomest man I know.

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quotes out of context

At the Shmoocon security conference Friday in Washington D.C., O’Connor plans to present the F-BOMB, or Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors.

The night was cool and the tree frogs chirped. Rosy cheeked children the world over dreamed of birthday cake and going to the pool. Angora bunnies piled on top of each other and were the coziest things ever. A man with a hat sat in his window somewhere and played a tune on his saxophone, and I, snug in my pajamas, quietly poured over book after book looking for the word “nipple”.

“Whatever you say about the euro, it’s a great insulator.”

When it becomes feasible for a consumer to print a complex structure like a grandfather clock or an iPhone, the stakes of preventing the dissemination of ideas are raised considerably.

quotes out of context

Whenever folks who have lived or traveled in Germany gather for a beer, sooner or later one subject is sure to rear its ugly head: what is the deal with those toilets?

People who resemble each other in some physical way tend to be connected as well; for Hadza people, similarity in age, body fat, and handgrip strength increases the likelihood of friendship.

The basic philosophical question, going back to Plato, is “What is x?” What is virtue? What is justice? What is matter? What is time? You can ask that about dark energy — what is it? And it’s a perfectly good question.

These types of distributions, unlike the bell curves we are used to for such quantities as human height, have values that reach far out into the upper reaches of the scale, allowing for both exceedingly common words such as “the” as well as much rarer words like “flother.”

The technique is painless, all indications at the moment are that it is safe, and the effects can last over the long term.

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There is determinism, at differing levels, ranging from “it’s tough to come from a broken home” to “lead poisoning is bad for you” to “what if the universe is a frozen four-dimensional Einsteinian/Parmenidean block of space-time?”

When someone conjures up the image of self-important art house films, this must be exactly what comes to mind.

Tough Guy promotes itself as “the safest most dangerous event in the world!”

The chest bandages had to go on every day, which made it hard for her to take deep breaths, and the sailors began to notice that “Jean” never relieved himself with the rest of the crew, always carried a loaded pistol, and never, ever undressed with the others.

Monogamous marriage reduces the competition, making communities more stable and — in terms of cultural evolution — better able to compete against unstable, non-monogamous communities.


Demetri Martin once joked that life vests protect you from drowning, bulletproof vests protect you from gunfire — and sweater vests protect you from pretty girls.

quotes out of context

Some of the overcompensated Rs stuck in the dialect; others didn’t.

I am a living male turtleneck. You are an art teacher in winter. You put your whole head through me

The invention of Vulcanite hard rubber changed everything.

Dreams of vintage Lee’s return go sadly unfulfilled, however, as the film is a long-winded, rambling mess.

Herewith, please find proof that my aesthetic intuitions are superior to yours.

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For instance, Iron Lady becomes Total Bitch, Tree of Life becomes Wuh?, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo becomes All the Rape, No Subtitles.

Africa was my second home. I had never been there, though.

The idea of the unified self has had a rough few centuries however.

I know I’m making it sound unhealthy, like the TV is suffocating me but just think of it like I do, as electronic swaddling. That hum is a seductive sotto voce murmur.

As Darwin said: “False views, if supported by some evidence, do little harm, for everyone takes a salutary pleasure in proving their falseness; and when this is done, one path towards error is closed and the road to truth is often at the same time opened”.

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Why is metaphysics so uniformly crazy?

Huh. So the more symmetrical a guy is, the more straight he seems.

The larger point is that mere imagination is not enough, for even those with prodigious gifts must still be able to sort their best from their worst, sifting through the clutter to find what’s actually worthwhile.

If you are offended, maybe you’re taking things a little too personally. But I’m sure there are some people who think, ‘Wow, that girl is an asshole.’

We think of ourselves as citizens when it comes to our rights and privileges, but not our responsibilities. We abdicate our civic responsibilities to the government and expect the government, in effect, to legislate morality.

In one experiment, each participant was seated either inside or outside of a five-by-five-foot cardboard box.

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Translation: I don’t hate the game.

The dog’s name is Angus MacDougall, and he is a very cute three-year-old terrier mix. The image of Jesus can be clearly seen in the fur surrounding his anus.

CONCLUSION: It may someday be possible to use brain technology to learn to play the piano, reduce mental stress, or even master kung fu with little or no conscious effort.

The objects survived in outer space for ages and include some of the first samples ever returned from another planetary body, but after just a few short years on Earth they met the same fate as a set of car keys or a 29-cent postcard.

The mission had been so easy that one of the youths, Natacha, seriously asked herself if she had dreamed it. No, she concluded: “In a dream, it would have been more complicated.”

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Assuming that high-level concepts are represented in different parts of the brain, such excess connections would create an opportunity for linking seemingly unrelated ideas.

Yes, the Terminewter is right. Nothing should take longer than WWII.

The writers not relegated to traffic-whoring duty will still post, just less frequently than many of them are probably used to.

Human evolution may to some extent have been shaped by interactions between genes and friendship choices, said the scientists.

The notion of women’s relative sexual passivity became fundamental to sexual dynamics across the western world. Its effects were ubiquitous — they still are.

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“Common sense” is against the dazzle hypothesis but then it is also against the existence of bowerbirds.

In an ideal world, being able to meet lots of different people at college would lead to a diversity of friends; we’d take advantage of the human variety on display. But that’s not what happened.

What U.S. plant can find 3,000 people overnight and convince them to live in dorms?

When a tree burns, what fraction of its leaves float to another tree still burning enough to ignite it?

I also reset all the comments, it isn’t good for businesswith so many people being negetive!

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In any case, the Fermi paradox raises the likelihood that we are living in a simulation.

In the end, it might be that the only regularity we can count on is the Periodic Table of Meat.

Because e-mail communicators “hear” a statement differently depending on whether they intend to be, say, sarcastic or funny, it can be difficult to appreciate that their electronic audience may not.

I wanted a sort of 3-D that would disappear and make itself invisible and would just allow us to enter space itself.

But as a type designer — meaning, someone who designs fonts — one quibble.

Two dogs were playing with it, and that’s when the dog walkers looked closer and realized it was a human head.

They pray to the god of the vagina. Just according it worship is enough to give them peace of mind.

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The team suggests that galaxies made up entirely of dark matter may be swirling about throughout the universe.

Although he hasn’t yet proved that such disruptions directly cause schizophrenia, Foster believes that if sleep is disrupted this is more likely to push individuals towards mental illness.

We broke up for so long, that he had to stop breaking up with me, go move his car, and then come back to break up with me some more.

After all, though a replicant mayor may be more likely to gouge a supervisor’s eyes out with their thumbs, they have another quality that could be great in an elected official: a four year life span.

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DIRECTIONS: Put ham in water.

Hanging the machine guns on the wall was a bad idea, but the burglary wouldn’t have happened if we’d just covered up the little decorative window over the front door.

You all literally helped save my life. (And the lives of many others.)

Scientists are attempting to replace part of this and other rats’ brains with digital equipment, effectively turning them into cyborgs.

It will say, ‘If you don’t leave your job by this date, we will come and kill you or put a bomb in your house’.

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The book I actually read was more like this: Men supposedly have higher sex drives than women, creating a “male sex deficit,” which means men are always in a state of wanting more of what women supply.

Grindr is an app you can put on your smartphone to find guys to fuck.

Even the Pope has a 900 number.

Authorities hope the balls — which could deliver serious blows to the head — will be enough to deter defiant roof riders.

6. Goethe was a talking serpent who lived in Egypt at the start of the eighth century. He had blue eyes, beautiful blue eyes.

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It is a common misconception that Joseph Pujol actually passed intestinal gas as part of his stage performance.

Like most people, I consider myself pretty good at Googling so I invite you to beat my time.

I find the explanation that we were made in stars to be deep, elegant, and beautiful.

Our sources say Apple will announce such a tool on Thursday.

What’s bad for the goose is bad for the gander.

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So let the historians take note: Amanda Hocking does get to Chicago to see the Muppets. And along the way she helps to foment a revolution in global publishing.

And don’t worry about losing. If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.

When I tried to write, my words sometimes became unmoored from my thoughts, though to be fair, this happens even without the influence of nutmeg.

Near the end, lying with eyes closed, she mimicked holding negatives up to the light and drinking her daily two double shots of tequila. From her bed, she still snapped away.

I think seeing Mia get back into the pool and start swimming laps for the first time since she was paralyzed was one of the most emotional moments many of my fellow critics had on tour.

quotes out of context

One example: the word “maintenance” seems like it should only have one “a” in it. It should be “maintenence,” right? But it’s not. So is it our job as reporters and editors to spell it correctly?

‘Corporations are people’? In this little figure of speech, wouldn’t that make Mitt Romney a metaphorical serial killer?

Arizona’s decision to sell off its state capitol to a private real estate company was perhaps the greatest drunken eBay transaction of all time, except in this case there was no booze involved, and the whole arrangement was justified on the grounds of austerity and small government.

So, Notre Dame could ignore discrimination laws on a theology professor, but not a calculus professor.

How many viewers will know, let alone appreciate, that many people once did prefer communism for aesthetic reasons?

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