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12 Indicted On Hate Crimes Charges For Hair Cutting Assaults Led By Break-Off Amish Group

I think this is my favorite story of 2011.

Secret Santa

People are starting to receive their secret Santa gifts! Hooray!

Figured I’d start this thread if people want to post what they got (or share shopping/shipping stories).

As far as anonymity goes I’m fine with gifters outing themselves or giftees outing who their gifters are. Personally I went to a bit of effort to stay anonymous but it probably won’t be difficult to deduce.

Hope everyone gets their gifts before Christmas!

Secret Santa!

Second call in case people missed the first post over the holiday weekend.

If you’re interested in participating in some Clusterflock Secret Santa, email me at christopherflocken at gmail dot com by tomorrow with your snail mail address so I can pass it along to your Santa (or I’ll put them all in a shared Google Doc, whichever winds up being more practical).

You should get an email Wednesday night/Thursday morning with who your assigned giftee is. Try to get your gift in the mail by December 14th so it gets to them before any holiday traveling.

Merry Flockmas!

Secret Santa?

Is there any interest in doing a Clusterflock Secret Santa gift exchange?

There are programs online that randomize the list so no one person will know all the assignments.

Suggestion if people are interested:
• Sign up by Wednesday November 30th.
• Buy your assigned person something worth $10-$15.
• Get it in the mail for the recipient by Wednesday December 14th.