It’s been a good run…

Clusterflock is what introduced me to the most interesting parts of the web. I love this site and all the people involved, but I think it’s time to officially shut it down. In the forthcoming weeks I’ll be converting this to a static site for archival and security purposes. What this means is the url structure and all the content will remain, but comments will be closed permanently and there will be no CMS to create new posts.

Thanks, everybody, we’ll see you around the web.

The Image Toaster

TV remote control designs

TV remote control with abacus design

Nicolas Henchoz, director of the EPFL + ECAL Lab, in Lausanne, Switzerland, finds this disconnect between man and remote striking. After all, he points out, we’ve been living with the things for nearly 60 years. So last fall, he posed a challenge to his students in Lausanne, as well as those at three other top design schools–ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris, the Royal College of Art in London, and Parsons in New York: Build a remote control someone could fall in love with.

(via Co.DESIGN)

Food-packaged food

Food packaged in a container made of food

You’ll be able to peel the shell off and compost the skin like a banana peel or, take a step beyond biodegradable, eat the whole thing like you would chew a grape.

(via Co.EXIST)


While I’m logged in here, I’d like to blatantly promote a project I worked on recently that I think is cool:

Heroes Get Hired book cover

Heroes Get Hired by Michelle Tillis Lederman

It’s a job-interview guide for military veterans and their partners, and though I didn’t read every word while I was working on it (I designed and coded the e-books and designed and typeset the print edition (not the covers)), I got the impression that it’s practical and well thought-out.

And it’s free to download in lots of formats (there are versions with video and versions without), or to view on the Web. Free, FREE, FREE!

So if you are a veteran (thank you!), please have a look; if you know some, pass it along.

And if you see any typos or formatting errors, drop me a note. I can fix those!


Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 10.10.09 PM

With David Bowie’s “Star Man”. Et cetera. 2007.

“I’m David Bowie!”

“Yeah! Me, too!”

Please do me this one favor and watch all of this and you’ll be glad that you did.

Monsters! I’m David Bowie!


There are holes in the ground, filling with water. The holes aren’t deep but they’re spreading like footprints. Ten thousand million billion little lakes. A gingham weave of segments. Facets of an insect’s eye laid flat. It has rained for about six or fifteen years now and the ground is sinking beneath the flood. What can we do when the holes are everywhere and they connect? The world will be 10% smaller and the only thing left to wonder about is where the first new hole will appear.

A terrible beauty is born


Dr. Javier Movellan, UCSD Machine Perception Lab, poses with an incomplete version of Diego-san at Kokoro Co. Ltd. in Japan.

And there’s a video.

Dear Clusterflock,

I’m still thankful for all you guys.

dear clusterflock

Say, here’s an idea. What say we establish a bizarro clusterflock for hackers, extremists, and miscellaneous goofbuckets? SHOUTING! And the SWORD!

We could even make it user-friendly by modeling it on bilingual sites. You know, sites that offer you the GERMAN or the ENGLISH version.

Visitors to the bizarro clusterflock could opt, say, for the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY-KRAZEE-CHRISTIAN version or the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY-KRAZEE-MUSLIM version.

There are infinite variations.

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