Unrequited glove

A walk anywhere during winter will discover single, lost gloves, sometimes impaled upon iron railing spikes, more often lying forlorn and trampled on pavements, in gutters. There are so many on these streets, torn black leather, rainbow-striped wool, a tiny Hello Kittty mitten, all bruised with mud, all longing to be reunited with their long gone twin. I wonder what happened that they now lie lost and hopeless in the rain. They look so sad, so lifeless.

I will take a piece of white chalk on my walk tomorrow. It will join the smooth pebble in my pocket and the tiny silver hoop earring (itself an orphaned twin), my constant walking companions, and when I see my next lost glove I will dig the chalk from my coat pocket and with fingers red from the cold and white from the chalk, I’ll crouch down and trace a white line carefully around the fallen thing, across the wrist, up the thumb, down and up and down and up just so. Then I’ll walk on, leaving the glove with its own chalk outline to show that someone noticed its passing and will be back with the forensics kit. One day.

An entry from friend of clusterflock Justine Kilkerr’s tumblr Discombobulated.

Article in Need of an Illustration

Can someone please draw me a picture of a social or colonial spider?

He’ll escape. He has to escape.

Runaway Goat Captured By Former African Goat Herder In Brooklyn

(via The Gothamist)

(Still running)


If you beat a dead horse long enough, it turns to gold.

Apologies to the horse.


When it comes to vanity license plates, the State of Ohio is not amused.

It recently released a list of more than 500 rejected license plates and boy are there some doozies.

When we say doozies, we mean shocked that someone thought they could slip “BIGSEXE” or “IFARTED” under the Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ nose.

(The list.)

(via WHIO.com)

Make Something Cool Every Day

Make Something Cool Every Day 2009, by Minneapolis artist Brock Davis.

One piece of creative work made every day for 365 consecutive days.  January 1st – December 31st.



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You thought YOU had serious shit going on in your life

Google News Top Stories 1/26/13:

Casey Anthony Video Diary



Harry Styles

Bird flu

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012

Kim Dotcom

Temple Run

Film Festival

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

That little ball of fluff you own is a natural born killer

Every year cats in New Zealand destroy our native wildlife. The fact is that cats have to go if we really care about our environment.

from the comments

Sheila Ryan on January 18, 2013

We are the unsinkable Molly Brown of inefficient socially mediumistic webbed sites.

dear clusterflock

Say, here’s an idea. What say we establish a bizarro clusterflock for hackers, extremists, and miscellaneous goofbuckets? SHOUTING! And the SWORD!

We could even make it user-friendly by modeling it on bilingual sites. You know, sites that offer you the GERMAN or the ENGLISH version.

Visitors to the bizarro clusterflock could opt, say, for the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY-KRAZEE-CHRISTIAN version or the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY-KRAZEE-MUSLIM version.

There are infinite variations.

new car smell

I’m making some internet at deronbauman.com.

Welcome back to the before time

There was a very, very strange database error (strange to me, anyway) and we lost seven years of comments. It’s still not clear to me whether or not it was a hack or a database glitch, but last Sunday’s backup was the most stable, so here we are.

from the moderated comments spam

I actually have found loads of useful points on your web site About Donkeys And Weddings

HTML5 Clear

I hope one day to build something just as beautiful.

Five Minutes with Jason Kottke

From a five minute interview with Jason Kottke at The Verge:

You wrote a post about David Foster Wallace’s idea of the Decider a few years ago. Since then, has anything changed when it comes to your process?

It’s much easier to find interesting things to read and look at online than it used to be…the web is now largely filters on top of filters on top of filters. So I don’t have to sift through as much stuff as I used to. But also around the time I posted that link, I got much better at blogging. I don’t know if the 10,000 hours thing kicked in or what, but what used to take me 6-8 hours to do now takes me 2-3 hours.

(via @tcarmody)

Censoring Wired

Wired has a good overview, explaining their opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act:

Under the current wording of the measures, the Attorney General would have the power to order ISPs to block access to foreign-based sites suspected of trafficking in pirated and counterfeit goods; order search engines to delist the sites from their indexes; ban advertising on suspected sites; and block payment services from processing transactions for accused sites. If the same standards were applied to U.S.-based sites, Wikipedia, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Google and Wired could all find themselves blocked.

Such requests would need to be reviewed and approved by a judge. But accused sites would get little notice of a pending action in U.S. courts against them, and, once blacklisted, have little effective means of appeal.

As you probably know, sites like Wikipedia, Wired, and BoingBoing are going black today, or censoring their content in protest, but for those in need @FakeWikipedia is going strong on Twitter.

Update: If you would like to register your discontent, Google can point you in the right direction, or simply call your representatives.

There’s really one reason,

and one reason only, that I put this photo here on clusterflock.

Joel, I love you, man, but that photo out of context was beginning to make my tummy sad every time I stopped by.

Besides, I know you love Culver’s.

from the moderated comment spam

I came across my grandfather perusing your blog site instead of taking out the waste

Sign of the Times

I just got chided by my 91-year-old mother for not being on Facebook more often.

clusterflock in a Firefox for Android Tablets Commercial

Well, holy poop, clusterflock showed up in a Firefox for Android tablets commercial.

(thanks, Garrett)

Best Blogs of 2011

I was very privileged to be asked to contribute to this year’s Bygone Bureau list alongside some very fine bloggers. Worth a read, even if I cheated.

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

Just go here.

And scroll.

headline of the day

Chicago universities preemptively buying up porn domains

This is 100% Real

Be sure to scroll down and read some of the testimonials.

(thanks, Rich)


You Are Not So Smart.

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