February 9, 2008

The Shed

200802_shed_03.jpgThis is the shed to which I will escort Cindy if, while the party is underway, another guest lights up a cigarette.

And this is what it looks like inside the shed, where I will entertain Cindy.

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Traditional Snow-Shovelers' Songs?

Anybody out there know work songs suitable for singing while shoveling snow? I shoveled for three hours yesterday, and I have a feeling that the future holds more of the same.

"clusterflock is . . . "

. . . a global community.

"ok, so no one is fond of dirty sheep, here are some literary cinematic references instead and tomorrow i'll test goats on y'all" (Alek Lindus, bhuddametrics)

February 8, 2008

The Beatles -- "I Feel Fine (Fish and Chips Version)"

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Beatles mime to "I Feel Fine" while scoffing bags of fish and chips.


Courtesy of Bedazzled via MOJO Weekly Messenger.

February 7, 2008

One Vision of Hell

In Wisconsin, traffic backed up for 19 miles south of Madison on Wednesday after semitrailer trucks got stuck on a hill. Gov. Jim Doyle later called a state of emergency, sending National Guard troops to help vehicles stuck in the jam blocking Interstate 90. Snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles were used to check on the stranded motorists and bring them food or fuel.

"Nineteen miles south of Madison" and you're halfway to Janesville.

February 6, 2008


If: (a) you were a guest in my home on this day, February 6 2008, and (b) you felt the desire for a cigarette, then (c) you would be in the right place. Why? Because I do not boot guests who smoke out of doors to indulge their pleasure, and anyone who stepped out my back door this afternoon would step into a thigh-high drift of snow, making for strained relations between guest and host.

The Patience of Cows

Has anyone sung the song of the patient, calf-bearing, milk-flowing, cud-chewing, tail-switching cow? (asked Frank Lloyd Wright).

From Cows: A Rumination (2004).

A Prayer to "Cow-Eyed" Hera

"May the cows find shelter."

From Weather Underground, the state of the weather in my part of the world today:

Winter Storm Warning in effect until 6 PM CST this afternoon.

Windy. Snow and isolated thunderstorms in the morning . . . then snow in the afternoon. Areas of blowing snow through the day. Snow may be heavy at times in the morning. New snow accumulation of 5 to 9 inches. Storm total accumulation of 10 to 14 inches. High in the upper 20s. North wind 20 to 30 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.

If you're thinking we're kind of snowed-in here in Jo Daviess County (Illinois), you'd be thinking right.

Meditation: Cows

It's the strangest damned thing. Last night about eleven o'clock I'm driving into town via the back road, and it's so foggy I fear I may wind up in Brigadoon. So I'm inching along Mount Hope Road just there by the cow pasture -- and the cows are out! No, not out on the road, but they're right out there near the fence, doing their bovine thing at eleven o'clock at night -- and later on, 'round midnight, as I'm heading back home, there they are! Still out. I have never seen them out past nightfall.

I'm wondering, Were they bad cows? Were they being punished? Were they cows set on breaking free from the herd? Were they the ghosts of cows who had died uneasy? I am still thinking about those cows.

February 4, 2008

"Not Being Dead Gives a Man Some Perspective" (Andrew Simone)

Flocker Andrew Simone is not dead in Rawlins, Wyoming, but he is now without a car.